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Omega Cinema Props

Our main building is known as "Omega" and houses on four floors most of our residential furniture, lamps and accessories organized by period from pre-18th C European antiques to modern and contemporary styles. Our office furniture (all periods and styles), accessories and lamps are also in the main building along with our Drapery, Upholstery, Floral and Electrical departments.

(323) 466-8201
C.P. Two

Our C.P.Two facility houses all of our residential appliances of all periods and styles. You will also find our restaurant tables, chairs and booths and tabletop dressing. C.P.Two also features all of our patio and outdoor furniture, our "Western" and rustic furniture, taxidermy and our Craftsman furniture collection. You will also find "tenement" furniture, and bicycles of all periods and styles and our musical instrument and home electronics collection.

(323) 466-8201